Last summer I worked at a Lutheran youth camp in the Sawtooth Mountains of south-central Idaho. While there, I really wasn’t sure how good of a counselor I was. Most of the feedback was positive with the campers saying they had a great time and would miss me. But the biggest question for me was whether or not I had brought the campers closer in their relationship to God. I don’t think that I could actually do this by myself, clearly the Holy Spirit was working through me and in the campers to tell the campers that Jesus loves them.

I was unsure that I had made a huge difference, but last week I received a letter from camp which had a letter inside. One of my favorite campers of the summer, Evan, had written me a letter:

Dear Gent,
Thankyou so much for helping me relize the truth in Christianity

From, Evan S.
Connor’s brother
“Connors the kid That went to ER”

Connor and I will be at camp on July, 24.

This simple, poorly-spelled letter meant so much to me when I read it. It confirmed that I had impacted a camper. I don’t know exactly what it is that Evan learned, but the “truth in Christianity” is the love of Christ and if I got that message across to a single camper than even the cleaning of toilets at camp would make it worth it. So thank you very much Evan.



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