It’s official. I really dislike reading theological works. For my environmental science class we have to read together with all creatures a report on environmental stewardship put out by the Commission on Theology of the LC-MS. Sure it has some interesting ideas but it is so dry. It’s like digging a trench in the Sahara with only a bottle of camel spit to keep you from dehydration. I feel that way about the vast majority of theology books I’ve read. Of course they contain good content but I guess I just prefer the stuff that is entertaining.

Few writers can capture the essence of an idea while illustrating it in a different form. C.S. Lewis is one such writer who weaves words and ideas together that he can illustrate in the form of showing what something is like without actually saying that that is what it is. But Walther, Luther, and Melanchthon might be specific and for the most part correct but give me the trashy-but-page-turning-entertaining stuff any time instead. Maybe I shouldn’t be so quick to judge people for watching Jersey Shore anymore.

I really prefer to learn topics about people directly from people. Books are nice and all but they are not dynamic and reactive like a discussion. For an introvert like me to say that makes it pretty serious. Despite the problems of misunderstandings that can and likely do and will occur in conversation I think that it provides a more-real-world example of what something means to people. There’s now power like people-power. Just ask Tunisia or Egypt.

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