hey roommate,
Can’t you tell that I’ve been in bed for over 30 minutes already and am this close to falling asleep even with the guys on the hall being noisy and you playing Oregon Trail on facebook for the past half hour? That’s alright, until you brought in the bag of popcorn. It’s understandable to want to eat something before you go to bed, but I would never be able to sleep if I ate something and then went to bed without brushing my teeth. But the worst part is that you came back and ate it here, in your bed. Do you realize just how smelly microwave popcorn is? I’ve never tried it, but I imagine that trying to camp next to a cow feedlot would be incredibly difficult for the untrained nose. Oh, and the loud crunching noise is like living next to a train track, no me gusta. So please, next time leave the room. This is where I’m trying to sleep. I write this as you finished eating and are now trying to fall asleep.


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