The establishment struck again. Yesterday, I decided I might as well try out for the annual student-directed One Acts. I wasn’t nervous about them at all. I didn’t know what any of them were about. I figured I would try out for three of them which had six male roles between them. I didn’t get a part. It could just be that I am jealous, but it sort of ticks me off how I’ve been denied the opportunity to show what I can do in theater. In high school I was the big fish of acting, but really haven’t done anything here partly because I haven’t desperately tried, but I really do think part of it is just that it is a clique thing. I am on the distant fringes of the theater geeks and know who they are, but I’m not really part of the world and haven’t really been invited to any opportunities of it.

I really think that the One Acts are an opportunity for people who are outsiders to the theater world should get the chance to perform, but that can’t happen if the directors only choose their friends. Of course many of the people are talented, but they have already shown their talent. Will you not let me cultivate and prove mine? It seems a bit rude to even bother having auditions when the directors seem to already know who they want in a particular role.

Of course I’m not accusing the directors, many of whom are my friends, of cronyism I just needed a little rant about it.


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