It just didn’t pan out. Three days after Lutheran Church Charities told me that they had four people registered for the spring break trip I wanted to go on they replied and said that two had backed out and it was canceled. I was really, really, really looking forward to going to the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere but now, if at all, it will have to wait until summer. I’ve just been incredibly stunned by how poor the coordination has been about the trip: they never clearly described what a group would be doing or where it would be going and if you want people to go shouldn’t you try and recruit them? Yet I wouldn’t have heard anything if it wasn’t through other people. I would be willing, quite seriously, to go even by myself if only I know that I would be taken care of once I got there.

Disappointment aside, I now need to figure out what to do over spring break. If OAFC will take me I may be going to Colorado or I might just see if I can somehow get around to going down to my grandparents in Kansas which could be an interesting week to be sure.


2 thoughts on “15

  1. When disappointment like this hits, I usually head towards a bowl of ice cream and a good book. While the moping is comforting, it doesn’t usually help me find anything better to do with the empty space. Prayers that God will lead you to some place where he’ll let his light shine through you!

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