Are mythical creatures real?
I believe so. They exist not in a reality which may be obtained by the senses but rather in that of the imagination. Unicorns, pixies, and gnomes et al each seem to have a definite personality and seem to extract particular reactions from my senses. Have you ever been given a high-five from a giant? It’s something like having a piano dropped onto you. Or what about that distinctly musty smell that seems to be a mix of mushrooms and potatoes that have started growing limbs? It clearly indicates you are near, if not within a gnome hill. Of course you can recognize a unicorn if you see one but the fact that you may not have seen a unicorn (yet) does not change your understanding of what it is.  And if you can know it than it must exist on some level of our conception of the world.

I’m always on the lookout for mythological creatures which are just as satisfying to find as ‘real’ ones. For me, the feeling of successfully identifying a Western Meadowlark is one of pride. It is the process of taking observed evidence into creating a character. The Bald Eagle is considered a good symbol for America because we take the obvious external appearance of it (muscular body and wings, large talons, distinctively different coloration) and add on a personality (it is regal, strong, and powerful). Using this process in reverse should work as well. We know that pixies are troublemakers so it should not be a surprise to see them stringing vines on the trail ahead of us to try and trip us.

Update: I was just walking back to my dorm and I’m pretty sure I heard an Ewok call coming from the direction of the trees.


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