I’m not sure where the thought came from, or if it just might be an extension somehow of my last post, but I was just thinking about reincarnation. Let me clearly state that I do not believe that I will be reincarnated. I’m a Christian and do not agree with the teachings of religions that profess reincarnation, but I do love to play the game what-if. So, if I was reincarnated, what would I want to be?

  1. A whale shark. There is just something about these gentle giants that I love. The way the seem to glide through the waters amongst the other fish seems to portray and understated but important presence in the aquatic ecosystem. They bear a terrifying name and could appear to be frightening, but further exposure shows them to be quite friendly towards most others.
  2. Bison. It is nearly inconceivable that these large mammals once had free range of the Great Plains. Before the days when the Plains Indians widely used horses and certainly before the genocide induced by the Oregon Trail and railroads, these massive furballs reigned supreme in the grass prairies. I am very used to the fringe environment of trees and fields of Nebraska, but it was once only prairie and it is to that I would wish to return.
  3. Micropachycephalosaurus. Ok, so the only reason I even know about this tiny dinosaur is because of a boy with autism who came to camp rainbow-gold. As Chatter (another counselor) and myself led archery he told us all about different sorts of dinosaurs with the micropachycephalosaurus being his favorite. She and I then had him, and other kiddos go searching (quite successfully I might add) for dinosaur eggs which may or may not actually have been rocks. Since it’s got such a sweet name (just you try saying it five times fast) I think I’d be able to use up a life on it.
  4. A golden eagle. When I was a younger lad, The Rescuers Down Under was probably my favorite movie. The protagonist, Cody, was the sort of boy that I aspired to be. I’ve alway had a real thing for birds of prey but the golden eagle is probably my favorite. I love flying and soaring above wide open expanses of land. To be able to see things miles away from a high vantage point is ever one of awe. The idea of riding on the back of one was always pretty cool too.
  5. Any sort of legless lizard. I hate snakes. Let me repeat, I Hate Snakes. But somehow, when I went to the Lincoln Children’s Zoo with my family when I was about 12 I mustered up the courage to pet a legless lizard. Scales and creepy tongue aside, I somehow appreciated the darned beast. I wouldn’t mind being able to slither around, but gosh darn it if anybody calls me a snake they are going down.
  6. A dandelion (or Taraxacum if you will). This is so that all the avid gardeners will find my presence to be the most infuriating but some second grader will pluck me in a single moment of childish delight give me a single, gentle sendoff so grand that not even the most jovial of human funerals could compare with that of mine. The work of my lifeshall in a single breeze be spread to the rest of the world.
  7. Canis Lupus familiarus that is, the dog. There is, perhaps, no animals so close to my heart as a perfectly good pooch. Certainly some people are just cat-people, but I am not and never will be amongst those rats. I also do not believe that little yappy dogs count, because those are closer to rodents. Dogs really are man’s best friend and they provide services towards man in so many ways both by working but also by being an actively social member. When you are frustrated and disappointed with the world a dog will give an understanding and then start licking its butt before trying to give you a kiss. A dog is there for you and if you have yourself in order then it will be taken care of.
  8. Finally, the last thing I would wish to be reincarnated as would be a mountain. Certainly a large mound of rock may not be alive but it is as alive as the alpine lakes resting on its sides or the eagles returning to the eyries or the sure-footed mountain goats reaching the most isolated of pinnacles for food or the wolf scouring for the scent of an elk or the pine growing until the tree line or the exhausted skier resting in the chalet at your base with a cup of cocoa in her hands. Yes, I suppose I could be at a level of peace to endure into eternity as a mountain.

    Bison photo from here all others are mine.

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