I’m alive. Really I am. I had a great, but still fairly tough week in Colorado and it has somehow been tough to readjust to being at school. I can’t understand why, but I just feel different and it might not just be that I’ve gotten germs and lacked sleep. Somehow I just feel like I need to minister to the needs of others even though I do feel a little bit empty myself. Now don’t you be thinking I’m clinically depressed or suicidal at all, but I just feel different somehow. So what were some of my top moments of the 10 days I spent in Colorado? Well, let me tell you just a few of them:

  • Roller skating with students from Gethsemane Lutheran school. Following a chapel service that I led, the school invited us to go roller skating with them at a local rink as part of their celebration of National Lutheran School’s Week. I’ve never actually been to a skating rink before; just used the side walks. It took me a while, but I eventually figured it out and only fell once which just happened to be right in front of the windows where a couple were eating. It was awesome to see the resiliency of the kiddos who fell dozens of times but got right back up to go at it again.
  • This Little Light of Mine and other well-known tunes belted Gospel style in the van by the group. There’s just something about singing without inhibition that is a beautiful, beautiful thing.
  • Talking with Adam honestly kept me sane. Although we were only housed together once, we had a great talk and I really feel for him and everything that has and will happen. Many times Podger (Paul & Rodger combined) were incredibly indecisive and ridiculous and all Adam and I could do was smile at each other. Without that I definitely would have gone loco. Yep, those looks that say “are you really seeing this too?” are so important. We were termed Madam and I’m pretty sure that without the two of us nothing would have gotten done.
  • Frederico. You had to be there. There’s just something about a light in the van that looks like an angry face and induces Russian accents that just seems funny enough to make you cry. And joyfully cry I did.
  • Holy Spirit moments. Of course God is always with me, but there were a few moments when I was going door-to-door that a very genuine connection seemed to be created. In OAFC we give people a quick religious survey and ultimately lead to asking people where they believe they will go when they die. Then, we share our assurance. During my turn the Holy Spirit seriously took over and the words I said just seemed to be beautiful. You don’t have to believe me, but it happened.

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