Oh. My. Goodness.
I honestly screamed out of joy when I saw this video.

I may not have mentioned it, but I did decide to go back to Camp Perkins this summer. I’m very aware of the things that will be difficult about it but I just feel like there were so many triumphs last year that I want to test myself and others some more. In the video it shows my cabin 10 boys during week 4 of camp which are probably tied for my favorite cabin of the summer. I was so proud of the young men and quite honestly, I miss them. The scene where it shows the boy (whose name is Braydon) grabbing the water bottle (which is currently on my desk) and making it back to safety without getting “stuck” was a moment of fulfillment for the group and that’s really something that you can see.

The reason I’m going back is to have that chance for servant-leadership again. As much as I hate hearing about it in BS GS301, servant-leadership really is an incredible thing and I have not experienced or seen something that compares to camp counseling in this aspect besides parenthood. In hindsight, I really think that working at camp last summer defined me, my beliefs, and my leadership style more than any other experience. It taught me to love because God first loved me. And I’m so pumped up for this summer!


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