First really spring-like day and it feels so good. But why is it so nice you might be asking? I’ll tell you.

  • The crocuses opened up. I saw the purple of the crocus a few days ago but now they burst forth like fireworks-bursting-from-a-dark-summer-night.
  • Red buds on some trees, yellow on bushes, and little green leaves poking out from their hard, protective shells into the light.
  • I must have seen about 30 Concordia students running/walking along the Plum Creek Trail as I ran my miles for the day which is a sure sign that the seasons have changed.
  • THE SUNLIGHT!!! When I get old and crochety I will most definitely be a snowbird. I honestly am impacted by SAD to some extent and absolutely love the increased day light hours. It also helps that I tan quite quickly. Today I must have darkened about three shades which is pretty awesome I guess.

I really can’t express my joy at finally being out of that dark-pit-of-misery winter. Sure there will be April showers but that’s a heck a lot better than lingering snow.


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