My team won.

Spring Weekend is definitely the most important weekend of the year at CUNE. Or at least for nerds like me. The past two years my team has mostly stayed the same with a few changes and this year, our third, was definitely one for the history books. Spring Weekend involves various events and games in which teams of guys and girls compete. Don’t believe how awesome it actually is? Well have a look at my team freshmen year when we were ignorant, but loved every moment of it even when we got third overall but helped to upset the three year reigning champs.

Then last year it got serious. Really serious. It was us against the reigning champs and we were defeated. Despite putting up a great fight between all the events we got second and were in mourning for a while.

And this year we finally won. Although I was unable to see the final event or be at the closing ceremonies we were pretty well sure that we won based on our performance at the events. But really, we had a great time and I would not have felt bad losing to any of the other guy teams (TEAM TEAM not counting). But it is absolutely satisfying to have something that we’ve worked for three years at. Yep these T-shirts and bragging rights are fitting pretty well right about now.


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