I’m home alone tonight. Normally you’re not supposed to tell people that but my readership is so minimal and distant that I think I”ll be ok.

Being home alone, I decided to watch a movie. I picked The Hours as I had heard people talking about it and any movie that is worth talking about is usually worth watching (the reverse is not as often true). I honestly have no idea what the film was about. I don’t even know if I enjoyed it. Sure I could probably pull out ideas from it about feminism and social roles, or the need for interpersonal empathy, or the essential value of words but I really didn’t find themes or even the plot or style of the film to be that important. What I loved about watching this film tonight was that I didn’t have to think. I did not need to apply myself as I sat on the couch and watched women kiss each other out of a desperation to know that they aren’t the only one feeling something. No sir-eee it’s laziness for me because you know what? I’m on break and it feels so good.


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