Earlier today I was talking to one of my best friends from high school. She asked me about what sort of school I want to teach in after I graduate next year. She, and all the other people that have asked me about post-graduation plans, are really just wondering public school or parochial. My friend, Kerri, expressed her thoughts that I would be coming back to Illinois after graduation. Now, I’m not one to say things are impossible but I really don’t want to stay in the Midwest or even the US after graduation. People naturally assume that I want to remain in the environment I was brought up in, but I don’t. I certainly do have a personal connection to Nebraska and am in gratitude for the ways that Illinois has shaped me. But there’s a whole world out there!

Of course there’s some fear with suddenly becoming a racial or religious minority but am I really expected to always live to the status quo? I respect the places that I’ve come from, but I always want to look to the future and the growth that comes with it. Sure most students graduate and then get called to some Lutheran school in the Midwest. I wouldn’t mind that, but I’m definitely hoping for grad school, a Fulbright scholarship, or teaching abroad at an international school. So as far as what my plans, or even hopes are for post-graduation in a year it doesn’t help much to ask because I don’t know and I’m not going to limit myself.

After all, adventure is out there.

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