Classes are winding down like the final coils in an extension cord being rolled up. The past two weeks were filled with so much business of finishing projects and papers it was disgusting but Easter really did mark a resurrection from the death by school. Now I’ve just got a few things to finish and then finals (tests are much easier/shorter than projects) before freedom. In 14 days I’ll be in Haiti. My mind really hasn’t been on school this semester. That’s not to say that I haven’t put hard work and dedication into things, but rather it is to say that I’m not a grade-whore. It’s not like a GPA matters after college anyway.

Like dandelion seeds into the wind my thoughts float freely on the breeze.


One thought on “39

  1. Comment Catchup
    1) Haiti! Excitement! Blog about it, please. I like living vicariously. 🙂
    2) Isn’t it interesting how little knowledge it actually takes to be in college?
    3) Congrats on the spring weekend win! Three years of dedication definitely deserves it.
    4) The book “The Hours” made no sense, either.

    Comment Mustard
    1) I’m kidding

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