Hi there. I am not officially done with my third year of my university education. Yes it does feel good. So what’s been happening? Let me tell you:

Currently my side of the room appears to be quite a mess as I’m taking a short break from the tedious work of packing. Since I’ll only be home for a cumulative total of 2ish weeks this summer I’ll basically only be taking the stuff that I’ll need in Haiti and Idaho. Choosing what clothes I’ll wear is actually pretty easy and I’m amazed at how some of my clothes haven’t been worn in a very long time.

I also picked out a new theme for the blog here and added a couple pages. I’m considering making it more reader friendly and organized even though nobody really reads it anyway. I’ll try and make it better but you shouldn’t be expecting many posts in the next few months as I will be happily busy. So should I try and make this more reader-centric or are you ok reading numbers and blindly trying to catch up with what I write?

Tonight I actually experienced age discrimination. I was playing third wheel on a double date with a group of friends (low to moderate on the friend scale) and we went to McDonalds and afterwards we went to Wal-Mart. They were going to get some alcoholic beverages for a picnic that they’ll be having tomorrow (when I’ll be driving across the hills of Iowa – oh joy). They actually suggested that I stay in the car because I’m not 21 and they thought that they would be unable to make the purchase because it would be seen that I was with them. I went in the store anyway because I wanted to get some snacks for the drive but walked apart from them at a distance. I don’t really mind doing something like that so that they can prepare for something they were planning but I honestly still felt like I had been disowned or something just because I’m young(er). I don’t know that I’ve been socially shunned because of an unchangeable factor before. Probably, but this was just very odd feeling.


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