Mountains are one of the most magnificent of God’s creations. Certainly there is beauty in the plains but the sight of a large mound of rocks, the challenge of the climb or the thrill of a descent is something quite extraordinary.

I’m quite glad to be back in Idaho. Currently I am on a day camp in Nampa, Idaho which isn’t really in the mountains but I get the great chance to see change. I am the only member of the 5-person team this year who came to Nampa last year and many of last year’s troublemakers seem to have matured. Somewhat. Today Allie Mitchell and I made up a song about an alligator and then during siesta I told a story about Mildred the pink alligator who was 23.5ft long. It was epic. I’m super excited for the remaining summer especially since I’m probably going to be going to Glacier National Park next week. I’ll try and post more this week while I still have internet access.

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