On Monday I returned home from Idaho and tomorrow I return home to Seward. This summer has been filled with many things. Traveling (3 countries, 8 states) was certainly an amazing part of it and in general, adventuring was a large chunk of what I’ll remember. Yet somehow, the summer wasn’t exactly what I was expecting.
 I didn’t really set out on a mission nor did I wander entirely without aim but as the summer winds down I feel a bit like I didn’t really accomplish much. Sure I taught English to Haitian students, became lifeguard certified, awakened the imaginations of children with improv storytelling, ran 70 minutes yesterday without stopping, turned 21 (and haven’t yet used the legal privleges afforded therein), climbed some frighteningly steep places, seen 2 black bears, sang songs of praise and goofiness, swam across a lake, and made new friends but it still doesn’t feel like I’ve changed very much.


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