Yes it’s very weird being back on campus but there have been a number of notable moments since arriving.

  • Last night I went to a friend’s 21st b-day party (after being with family @ Valentino’s in Lincoln) and had my first drink as a legal adult capable of drinking alcoholic beverages. I’ve been 21 since July 10th.
  • Today Hannah and I went exploring the new middle school under construction and it was a really fun adventure through a (slightly creepy but at least it wasn’t night) construction site. It made us both very excited about the middle school’s future even though we’ll both have graduated when it opens.
  • The freshmen guys that  I talked to (as a CRC rep) said hi to me in Wal Mart this morning even before I recognized who they were. They really did seem to be pretty intent about listening during the “senior wisdom” session that Travis Basel and I led for them.
  • St. John’s. This morning in church and this evening for the opening service I was very joyful to be in a full church where everybody was singing and to hear the sound of an organ with it is quite pleasing right now.
  • Meeting up with friends:    “Hiiiii! How are you?”
    “I’m great  how are you? Did you have a good summer?”
    “It was good. How about yours?”
    . . .
    This accompanied with hugs and squeals and handshakes and true smiles accompanied by twinkling eyes.

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