Oh gosh. I just signed up for The Prairie Fire Half Marathon on October 9th. I remembered that I needed to do it at 11:50pm before the price is raised $20. So now I guess I’m locked in to running 13.1 miles. On Saturday I ran 10 miles which I think is the most ever and it felt great to be honest so I’m really looking forward to this race. The thing is I don’t know how the heck I’ll be getting down to Wichita that weekend or many other logistics of it. But hey, if you’re not living on the edge than you’re taking up too much room right? But honestly I’m a bit terrified to do this but super pumped. The past two summers I’ve worked with some very dedicated runners (all women actually) who had done full & half marathons and I’d really like to do a full 26.2 someday and I figured this half was definitely a more reachable goal so we’ll see how it goes.


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