Yesterday’s half marathon went much, much, much better than I had anticipated. Six days after twisting/spraining my left ankle I ran 13.1 miles which is the furthest I’ve ever run in my life without too much pain or ever stopping! The race started at 8am and Grandma, Liz, and I got there in downtown Wichita at 7 just as the early start marathoners were going. Liz and I ran around the block which really didn’t make my ankle feel great and it wasn’t too reassuring on my lungs either but it did warm me up. I started a bit towards the back and let people pass me after the horn sounded so by the time I got across the line most peeps were probably in front of me. After a tiny bit of just trying to stay safe in the crowd, I started following a tall guy probably mid 20s wearing a Missoula Marathon shirt who was going at a very consistent pace. I was mostly behind or behind and to the left of him and he kept me slow, but consistent for the first 3 miles when my ankle finally warmed up and felt fine. I stayed with him as we kept passing people but around mile 5 I decided that he had slowed so I passed him and really went at a fairly quick pace for about 2 miles then I started running with a 20s girl in a pink jacket. She on the right side and I on the left. She had a great pace going and we just drove each other to pass, pass, pass people and we kept going quick fast to my astonishment. At mile 9 Liz and Grandma saw me and Liz ran about 1.5mi with me which was a little annoying as I didn’t want Ms. pink jacket to think I forgot her so we kept together. For the last few miles my partner and I really turned up the jets around the small walking trail even as my muscles were really feeling it by then. At the last .5 or so mile Mr. Missoula Marathon suddenly passed Ms. pink jacket and I and so I joined him as he really had boosted his pace and so we started absolutely flying! For the last .1 I was pretty much sprinting with him to the finish as we passed a couple dozen people. I congratulated him after we got our medals and he said that he had been trying to keep pace with me the entire time and Ms. pink jacket and I high-fived and congratulated each other. It really felt good to be done but honestly I was mostly worried about my stupid bloody nipples ruining my white shirt! So dumb. The rain had kept things cool and felt nice but it didn’t help chafing.

Anyway, my legs are now incredibly sore. My left ankle is fine but my right foot feels broken (it better not be). It might be a few more days before I even try running again but I’m very proud and I think other people are too. I did it and hope to do road races again.


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