I have really become disenchanted with the LC-MS of late. Yes I am at the most conservative unit within the Concordia University System and I’ve been surrounded by individuals since middle school who pounce with glee all over the word “confessional” but I’m really getting sick of it. Many individuals (mostly my family and some folks at church) expect me to become a commissioned, called teacher but I don’t really want anything to do with it. We’ve talked about so many of the issues and been so critical in Christian Teacher’s Ministry with Moulds that I just want to throw up my arms and cry “bull shit” about it all. I’m not very deep in synodical politics but the little bit I can see just makes me sick of all the hypocrisy but then I must remind myself that is the very nature of Christianity. God loving us though we hate Him. I really just can’t fathom the attitude of so many confessional Lutherans to ignore the Scriptures and instead turn to the Lutheran Confessions as the ultimate authority. As for me, I’m going to put Christ before Luther.


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