I applied to a job in Doha. You heard me, Doha. You know the capital of Qatar? Still not ringing a bell? It’s one of those Persian Gulf countries in the Middle East that puts up with Americans because they get money for our oil. I don’t know why or what led me to apply to teach at an international school there but I just wanted to. I tweaked my resume and wrote a cover letter and then sent it off with some other information. I don’t really expect anything to come of it, but what if it does? What if I get a job offer from some place before finding out about Fulbright? I also plan on applying to be a middle school social studies teacher in Bogota Colombia. Yep, land of the drug lords Colombia not the District of. Why do I have an attraction to far off lands I’ll never know but it is thrilling to imagine where I could be in a year.


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