Happy New Year!

So it’s 2012 but honestly I don’t know how excited I am about it. This may be the most defining year of my life you know? Graduating from college (I believe) and moving out in to the real world. That’s right this is the first year I’ve had a girlfriend. The first time I’ll go to China (and quite probably elsewhere). The people, places, things, and ideas I interact with in 2012 will likely determine much of my future. But the truth is that the past ones have certainly done that and the future ones will but today seems to be the most uncertain day that I have yet faced regarding the future. And so I’ve decided to set some goals (as all peeps do on NYE) and hopefully I’ll complete at least one of them. I present to you The List:

  • Run a marathon or two half marathons or 1000 miles in 2012
  • Fill up 3 pages of passport with stamps or fly 20,000 miles
  • Blog at least 28 days per month – hold me to this please! It just needs to be something not a treatise on microeconomics
  • Only eat desserts at special occasions (birthdays, holidays, etc and not daily)
  • Read 15 books (150+ pages)
  • Tear out the thorn and let it heal
  • Read a chapter of the Bible before going to bed every night

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