I am so proud of my students. And they have become my students. Instead of coming to Mr. Tvrdy for their questions, the third period kids come to me and they have seemed to understand that I am trying to help them and teach them. I’ve been teaching the entire period of 3rd since last Friday and, although there have been a number of bumps, things seem to be going fairly smoothly. The kids had seemed to be incredibly bored and I’m sure many still are but I’ve gotten them to invest themselves to some point in the class. Today they turned in their Spanish Armada article assignments and I almost started crying when I read a few of the third period kids! Even though they weren’t all perfect there were some wonderful ideas and great creativity used. I can see myself connecting with the students and that they are curious to see what bizarre things I will do next. I just hope to remain proud of them in the future.

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