This is exactly what a movie should be.

I went to go see The Artist with Hannah last night in Lincoln and OMG it is wonderful! I was both skeptical and a bit excited at the prospect of a silent film but it totally paid off. If anything I got really ticked off during the two scenes when it did include sound. I know I risk sounding like a Belieber but this was seriously OMG-worthy! Jean DuJardin and fellow cast members work together in what is truly acting. They can show emotion without needing to resort to sitting in a bar and talkin’ your ear off all slapstick style. My emotional attachment to the movie was very strong despite the absence of words. I don’t know if the main character is a jerk or not but it seemed like the genuine nature of our heroes shone through. During the fire scene I was definitely worried for the dog and not so much for protagonist George Valentin but then at the climax they totally got me and every other audience member. “BANG” it was genius. I felt part of the movie experience when I and the 25 other viewers laughed together just as the folks in the movie laughed together in their own world. Hazanavicius made an absolute keeper here. I never would have guessed myself to love a silent, black and white film but this is definitely my pick for the best picture (though it’s also the only one I’ve seen so far).


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