Today Bill sent out names for Synodical Placement candidates. I wasn’t one of them. I kinda feel a bit left out not because I want to take a call but rather because I want to have something to fall back on. I’m still really hoping for Fulbright but if that doesn’t work then what? The military might end up being my destination after all. . . but why?

It’s very difficult for me to think about the things that I love in life: learning, teaching, traveling, photography, soccer, cities, mountains, water, sailing, children, words, aviation, Jesus. But how these will be combined into what I hope will be a very successful career is something I have yet to discover. The words London, New York, Nairobi, Ljubljana, Doha, Bogota and Brasov each have a lot of allure for me. But what happens if I get a call to Podunk, Iowa?

How do all these issues fit in with possible family plans? Will I want/be able to get married in the next few years? I’m really not sure and it’s getting kinda scary. I know that God has me through it all and that’s something to trust but this is very thrilling. Like a rollercoaster. At some points you are upside down and the perspective is very off but you’re enjoying the ride. And then there’s those repeated corkscrews that bang your head around causing minor spinal damage. And finally you arrive at the end which, coincidentally is also the beginning, and you have a smile on your face because YOU JUST MADE IT!


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