I went ice skating today!

I’ve never done so before but Gibs, Lauren, Hannah and I went up to Mahoney State Park and went skating and were the first ones there on the pristine ice. I was definitely keeping close to the wall initially but it only took about 20 minutes before I was really pretty comfortable skating all over which is odd since the last time was a roller rink in Denver 2 years ago. It was great just to glide on the ice and have great fun with friends. Allie, Rachelle and Rianne came by after a while and joined us. Hannah and I skated together and I realized that I’m a bit more adventurous when it comes to physics while she is more in need of physical affection then I would normally provide. It’s a process though right?


My final Friday is done and overall it went quite well. I had a good day teaching but I know that this next week will be draining with everything I need to fit in somewhere/how so wish me luck on it!


In exactly seven days I should be descending on a plane into Incheon Korea on my way to Shanghai.

It’s tough to believe that my time here in Seward is basically finished. Today was an odd day. I’ve just been so stressed about my teacher work sample that it hasn’t been going super great. I did alright today though and the classes ran fairly smoothly until access when my coop left for bball which ended up leaving me with about 30 kids and it was pretty close to super chaos. Oy vey. Tomorrow is my final Friday with them and I’m hoping for the best of it.


Good number.

As I recently mentioned, I haven’t been a big alcoholic since turning 21. Don’t believe me? It wasn’t until five months after my b-day that I bought an alcoholic beverage and that was a wine sampling. I just have a few basic rules that I saw somewhere and I think they are very reasonable:

  • Don’t drink by myself
  • Never drink when emotional
  • Choose your own limit and don’t let others effect you.

I really haven’t had a problem with this but these are just my simple guidelines. The first two I’ve been a tiny bit tempted with but still have gotten through and I know that I can continue to do so in the future.