What. A. Day.

  • Up at 5 to grade and record papers
  • Shower, breakfast, etc
  • School by 7:50
  • Three periods (see below)
  • Paperwork, grading, etc
  • Drive home an hour earlier than usual
  • Run into roommate being inappro-pro with his girl
  • Teacher work sample
  • Nebraska teacher certification application
  • B&G application
  • Meeting with Held
  • Packing, cleaning
  • Saying goodbyes to Allie, Brad
  • Dinner goodbyes with Tory, Kelly
  • Evening prayer/goodbyes
  • Teacher work sample (yes I know I already said this)

Who knew I was so loved until I’m about to leave? The kids today were, not perfect, great and I’ll miss them even if they are turds. In 1st period I gave them crackers and we watched Master & Commander which most of them really seemed to love. At the end I thanked them and they actually gave me a round of applause. Wow. I gave them all a knuckle punch on their way out. The next period we watched Anastasia (which totally has historical ties). Then third we watched M&C again and the kids were just all talking about how they’ll miss me and they gave me some papers/notes. Those sweet kids.

And now it’s time to leave! (when I finish packing tomorrow morning)