Bucket List

  1. Love God Not exactly finished, but it’s the process of loving because He first loved me.
  2. Visit all 50 states
  3. Read all 100 classic books
  4. Get something published in National Geographic
  5. Grow a garden
  6. Run a marathon
  7. Attend the summer Olympics
  8. Attend the winter Olympics
  9. Attend the FIFA World Cup
  10. Write a song
  11. Grow a bonsai tree
  12. Ride a high-speed train
  13. Ski
  14. Become fluent in another language
  15. Climb one of the Seven Summits
  16. Spend a night at the Burj al Arab hotel in Dubai
  17. Direct a theatrical performance
  18. Drive a sportscar
  19. Bake kolaches
  20. Visit Arlington National Cemetary
  21. Visit Glacier, Yosemite, and Grand Canyon National Parks
  22. Give up eating meat for lent
  23. Watch a performance at the Sydney Opera House
  24. View a shuttle/rocket launch
  25. Buy gas for a stranger
  26. Make a quilt
  27. Get a Master’s degree
  28. Get a PhD
  29. See the passion  play in Germany
  30. Host a holiday feast
  31. Tango
  32. Buy a bottle of wine
  33. Learn to spin a pizza
  34. See an opera & ballet
  35. Sail around the world
  36. Fly first class
  37. Meet a famous political/religious leader
  38. CouchSurf
  39. Make an original recipe
  40. Win NaNoWriMo
  41. Go to a film festival
  42. Get a tattoo
  43. Count to 1,000
  44. Be able to say the alphabet backwards
  45. Look good in a speedo (i.e. lose the belly)
  46. Catch a fish
  47. Visit the Sea of Galilee
  48. Make a large anonymous donation
  49. Be part of a food fight
  50. Golf
  51. Join a protest
  52. Learn to juggle
  53. Compliment a stranger
  54. Drink proper British tea
  55. Visit the Galapagos islands
  56. Try caviar
  57. Roadtrip coast-to-coast across the USA
  58. Serenade somebody
  59. Eat at a Michelin three star restaurant
  60. Spin a globe and go where my finger lands within a week
  61. Hike a triple crown trail (or the John Muir Trail)
  62. Buy ice cream from the ice cream truck
  63. Have a first kiss
  64. Write a script
  65. Spend a week in the wilderness
  66. Run 1500 miles in a year
  67. Pay back all of college loans
  68. Swim with a whale shark
  69. Catch a fish
  70. Take a martial arts class
  71. Eat Chicago-style pizza
  72. Go skydiving or bungee jumping
  73. Ride the Trans-Siberian Railroad
  74. Design a room
  75. Watch live sumo wrestlers
  76. Visit Walt Disney World (where dreams come true!)
  77. Have a dream come true
  78. Go to Burning Man, RDJ Carnival, or Oktoberfest
  79. Learn to juggle
  80. Own a book by every Nobel Literature Laureate in my lifetime
  81. Build a chair
  82. Make a YouTube video with 1,000,000 views
  83. Write a children’s book
  84. Try all of the IBA Official Cocktails

Completed Items:

  • Complete a Rubik’s Cube by myself
  • Visit Ground Zero
  • Vote
  • Wear a tuxedo
  • Send a Post Secret
  • Thank a teacher
  • Write a letter to a congressman
  • Send a message in a bottle
  • Donate blood/plasma
  • Attend a Nebraska Cornhusker football game
  • Yodel in the mountains
  • Go on a date
  • Get a custom made suit
  • Get a Bachelor’s degree
  • Send a bouquet of flowers
  • Complete a New Year’s Resolution

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